The Magellan Champlain Global Team is made up of a group of awesome citizens who have a global mindset and has a gift for service, knowledge and growth. A set of people that truly empower the phrase of “celebrating freedom”.

What we do

We foster an ecosystem where our employees become a part of a community of change agents that make it possible for corporate global citizens and individuals and families to work, live and be anywhere in the world and stay true to their own purpose. We create a safe environment where compliance, trust and truth are our core foundation. Why restrict ourselves to a plot of land on the globe that we had no choice in the first place. We are all proud sons and daughters of our birth nation and we will always give back by enabling the freedom of travel, living and doing business anywhere we want in the world. We create an environment where we are not just a title or a job description but where our true gifts are recognized, encouraged and our true potential is unlocked. While doing this we create a life of true freedom for our clients. We embrace change and we say YES and YES to all challenges.

Do you belong with us?

Well first ask yourself, what does celebrating freedom mean to you? Does it resonate with our vision? Our team has an excellent command of global languages and can effectively communicate in English. They are focused on bringing their best selves to the company.  They love to learn, grow, share and be a part of a transformation revolution. They are most comfortable and thrive in uncertainty. On the inside they are Gladiators.

How to apply?

  1. Send us your resume in PDF format to
  2. Create a video cover letter of not more than 4 minutes but not less than 2 minutes in English. Upload it to Google Drive and send us the link. In your video, tell us why you think you have gifts that will help Magellan Champlain achieve its purpose of Celebrating Freedom. Share with us what your career goals are, and how you are planning on achieving them. Tell us what you think about us and why you could fit right in.

Process of application

Our purpose is to celebrate freedom and that means yes, we have physical offices but we are looking at expanding our global presence and to truly celebrate freedom we must be able to work remotely as well. So our interviews may happen in person or online. If you are selected, we will let you know how the interviews will take place. Typically:

  1. Once we receive your resume and video link, our HR Officer will review that you have provided all the basic requirements and do a discovery call with you to gain some more basic information;
  2. Then an interview will be scheduled with a senior member from Operations and followed up with someone from the Board.

This process allows us to meet you, to get to know you a little and see if our purposes align for this journey that is required. This also allows you to get to know us and get to know our culture. Our positions are either on a full-time or part-time employment, contract based and remote. The scopes and milestones differ based on our continuous understanding of your gifts.

Let’s meet soon.

MC Careers Team