Taking you and your business to the global stage and giving you the edge of local expertise with cutting-edge Global Mobility Solutions!

With a quarter of a century worth of knowledge and experience in bringing the essence of the best of the world to you or your organization, Magellan Champlain is the pioneer and leader in Global Mobility in Sri Lanka. Ethical business conduct with efficiency and innovative solutions is what makes us stand out. Read on to find how we could help you move your assignees or business to the global stage.

Global Mobility Solutions with trust and assurance

Allow our team of local specialists to guide and assist you throughout the immigration and relocation process to ensure a compliant and smooth transition to your new country.

Immigration & Relocation

Assisting individuals, families and businesses of all scale with the help of expertise across the globe and locally.

Comprehensive Solutions

Ensuring compliance with all immigration and mobility regulations whilst attending to your requirements.    .

In-depth & Functional Expertise

Offer additional value through a local and global network of subject matter experts to address opportunities and critical issues.

Knowledge Sharing

Provide training to clients and Human Resources on an array of immigration, relocation and compliance topics.

Overview of services

Consultations on both Global and Sri Lankan bound visas while ensuring compliance with all immigration regulations.

Empowering you with the options of dual citizenships, economic passports, citizenship and residency by investment and access to visa-free travel.

Providing you peace of mind by handling your orientation, home search, education consultancy, settlement, language and cross cultural training, departure services, spousal support, property management, payrolling and other value added services.

We provide real estate for Corporate Expats and Investment Migration.

Providing a Single Window Service for businesses with strategic advisory on all relocation aspects.

Training corporates, clients and their staff on a wide range of topics on immigration compliance, HR and relocation strategies.

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